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ResPen - Overdose Rescue
AU1002 - Appetite Regulation


ResPen is an innovative approach to treat respiratory arrest due to drug overdose from any medication or street drug. There are no medications on the market that are able to effectively treat respiratory arrest due to synthetic opioids, for example illegally manufactured fentanyl, or respiratory arrest due to overdose from non-opioid medications. ResPen solves this problem with an easy-to-use autoinjector that will provide an overdose victim with a targeted 30 minutes of lifesaving treatment until emergency services can be provided.


AU1002 is a medication in the early stages of development that will help people with unwanted weight gain control their appetite without needles, stimulants, or addictive medications. While they eat a healthy diet and increase activity, their body will reset the appetite regulators in the brain so they don’t feel hungry all the time.